EMS Documents

These documents chart the course of some of McAllan’s major successes along with those of the entire union team, in support of the rights of all EMTs and Paramedics represented by the union. You’ll see just the first page. Click on the image for the whole thing.┬áThese included contractual rights that Rich fought to preserve even after the merger, free speech rights, and civil service rights. There are also some memorable images, milestones in news coverage and EMS publications. Click on each image for the complete PDF document.

DoH Memo 1969 Do Not Walk Cardiac Pts

DoH Memo: Don’t Walk Cardiac Patients

ACR June 27 1978

Carl Tramontana ACR from 1978




NYC Dept of Hospitals Ambulance Crew

NYC Department of Hospitals Corpsmen


1980 Tramontana and Honig Save Jack Pintchik

In 1980, Paramedics Tramontana and Honig saved the life of wealthy paint store owner Jack Pintchik. He would endow the annual EMS awards.


Newsday: (1979) The Ambulance Service Must Come Clean. Someone must have been talking to the press.



Newsday: City changes way of recording EMS calls

Rich with his mother Grace on his Medic graduation

McAllan graduates as a member of the first Paramedic class. With him is his mother, Grace.



NYCAP was EMS Paramedics’ first attempt to create their own employee organization because DC 37 wasn’t doing a good enough job in representation.

1983 What You Get for Christmas in EMS1

1983: What you get for Christmas in EMS

84McAllan is Charged For Talking to the Press1

McAllan is brought up on charges for talking to the press. Not intimidated.


Union PR Campaign: Is there a tougher job in New York City?


McAllan files lawsuit against EMS Exec Director James T. Kerr, et al.


April 1986 McAllan Says Fear Reigns in EMS

McAllan tells the press: “fear reigns in EMS.”

May 16 1986 McAllan Blames Low Salaries for High Attrition

Blames low EMS salaries for high attrition.

July 17 1987 EMS Ranks Called Critical

Daily News: EMS Staff Shortages Critical

July 18 1987 Ambulance Corps Needs Help














Daily News Editorial: Ambulance Corps Needs Help


Letter to then Deputy Mayor Stanley Brezenoff: EMS completely overlooked in Mayor’s action plan for emergencies.

McAllan on Call for an OD in the Bronx

McAllan on an EMS call in the Bronx with partner Al Oliveri


Local 2507 early ad campaign: We get 2,000 calls a day.


Newsday: City’s injured wait hours for an ambulance (1988)



It’s going to be a long wait. This cartoon was up in McAllan’s office as he regularly turned over “deadly delay” stories to the news media to force action on EMS.


1988: Vote Averts Ambulance Strike. But the uniform protest and sickout went ahead.

EMS Rank and File Vote for Sickout1

After Mayor Ed Koch insults EMS workforce, they walk.

Koch Fires 45 After Sickout1

Koch follows through on his threat and fires 45 EMS provisionals. Six years later, McAllan is still fighting for their jobs. His civil service lawsuit put an end to the heavy usage of provisionals by management.

EMS Workers Picket HHC 1987

EMS Workers Demand Respect 1987

Tel City Hall You Care Whether You Live or Die

Report of the Mediator, July 1988

Major victory for Local 2507: mediator grants major contract wins for EMT’s and Paramedics in 1988

EMS Crisis at ERs Apr 2 1989


McAllan recaps major victories won in the first full year and a half of his administration.


Stipulation of Settlement in McAllan’s civil service lawsuit.


McAllan explains just what the civil service lawsuit settlement meant.


89McAllan Forces Retraction of EMS Gag Order1

Rich goes to federal court in a successful attempt to force EMS to rescind the gag order prohibiting talking to the news media.


“Fault Board” gets terminated. McAllan ends disciplinary board at EMS.


EMS Run and Tour Stats From 1980 to 1994

Let’s look at the record. The Union’s activism vastly increased EMS tours and staffing.




94 Still fighting for FiredProvisionalArbitrationLetter1

In 1994, McAllan is still fighting for the rights of provisional employees who were fired in the 1988 sickout.


McAllan’s analysis of the EMS/FDNY merger or “transparent consolidation.”M


1998 McAllan Defends EMS Overtime to  Von Essen1

McAllan Defends EMS Overtime in letter to Commissioner Von Essen


Another McAllan broadside against the commercial ambulances and the hospitals who “want to carve up EMS.”

98Letter to IG On Falsification of Response Time Statistics01

Rich McAllan writes to the Inspector General about the falsification of EMS response time statistics.

99Three Years Later, EMS Employees Have Been Forced to Move to the Back of the Bus01

Post merger, McAllan says the EMS workforce “has been forced to the back of the bus.”


McAllan’s take on the first and only Local 2507 demonstration after the merger, outside of Metrotech.


In 1999, McAllan supports Pat Bahnken for President. He served on the Executive Board.


McAllan writes to Mayor-elect Mike Bloomberg on EMS/FDNY issues. His advice was ignored as usual.


In 2002, to the City Council, McAllan raises questions about FDNY CFR-D response time and patient steering


2004: Why the fire dispatch 911 system doesn’t work.